Angela Anderson is a Registered Massage Therapist with InMotion Health Centre, and has been practicing for over eight years.  Angela is currently expecting and due in early January 2017, and she came up with some helpful tips based on her practice for pregnant women while working.

It’s always important to maintain a healthy lifestyle when working but this becomes imperative when you become pregnant.  Being pregnant myself I’m experiencing first hand some of the challenges regular duties at work can be when expecting.  Through research and experience I’ve come up with a list of tips to help other individuals who are working while pregnant.

Snacking Often 

Whether you are conquering nausea or avoiding fatigue, keeping snacks on hand at work can be a lifesaver.  Crackers and toast are great option to help with bouts of morning sickness while foods rich in iron and fiber can help keep your energy levels up.  Leafy green vegetables, iron-fortified whole grain cereals and fiber rich snack bars will help keep away the hunger pains while at work and are very good nutrients for your growing baby.  I personally keep my purse and desk drawer filled with Nutrigrain bars and fruit to ensure I never go hungry.

Stay Hydrated 

Becoming dehydrated while pregnant is very dangerous for both you and your baby.  Without adequate water in your system you will have trouble regulating your body temperature.  Water also serves in development of your placenta in the early trimester and formation of the amniotic sac in later trimester pregnancy.  Keep a bottle of water on your desk or work station at all times, as is normal with pregnancy – expect frequent bathroom breaks.

Take Frequent Breaks

Breaks are important to both invigorate and recharge, listen to your body.  A growing baby takes up a lot of your energy so be sure not to strain yourself at work or you could be at risk for developing some issues such as high blood pressure and joint pathologies.  For individuals with a physically demanding job try incorporating some breaks into your day to sit back with your feet up.  If your job involves long hours at a desk take breaks to stand up, stretch and maybe go for a walk around the office or workplace.  These breaks will help with blood flow and overall joint health.

Go to Bed Early or Nap at Any Given Chance

Farther into your pregnancy it becomes difficult to get a full nights rest.  Sleep patterns are often broken by frequent trips to the bathroom, joint aches, leg cramps and even a few kicks and punches from your baby.  To help catch up on a few mores ZZZ’s I find a power nap before or after work goes a long way; if that is something you are unable to achieve perhaps you can look at changing your hours of work to better accommodate your fatigue.

Often the symptoms that come along with pregnancy can certainly prove demanding for some, that is why I would also suggest taking advantage of a few prenatal services to help maintain your overall well being.

Prenatal Massage

As an RMT I’ve seen first hand the benefits Massage Therapy offers for pregnant individuals.  Some key benefits to prenatal massage are to reduce muscle and joint tension/pain, help reduce swelling by improving overall circulation, increase relaxation by reducing stress, anxiety and headaches and help improve your sleep.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga focused to the blossoming pregnant body is great to help open and strengthen your joints, improve circulation, calm your body and also educate on breathing exercises that will prove beneficial during labor.  Most importantly it’s a great opportunity to meet other expectant mothers and to share in each others experiences.

I’ve personally taken part in both prenatal massage and yoga and both activities have become an important asset to my pregnancy experience.  Be sure before trying any prenatal activity that you consult with your physician to ensure it is safe for you to do so.

Pregnancy is both a challenging and exciting experience and one that should be enjoyed and cherished.  I would personally like to wish all the mammas-to-be a very healthy and happy pregnancy.

Thanks Angela for providing these helpful tips and tricks for working expectant mothers.  If you have any questions for Angela feel free to contact her at