Who We Are?

InMotion Health Centre is a multidisciplinary health care clinical practice. We are proud to have two locally owned and operated convenient locations in St. John’s, Newfoundland. InMotion was founded by Occupational Therapist, Trent Oldford, and Physiotherapist, Jason Shaw in 2001.

Over the past 20 years our experienced and dynamic health professionals’ have worked together as a team, to ensure the best course of action for each individual client is taken. We currently offer services in Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Custom Orthotics, Occupational Therapy, Concussion Management, Shockwave Therapy, Dietetics and Psychology.

Why Choose Us?

Here at InMotion, it is our overall goal to provide and direct you towards recovery, and help you achieve optimal physical and mental health no matter what life stage you are at or what challenges you face. From the moment you contact us, you are our priority and we make it our goal to find the right care for you. 

We pride ourselves on a one-on-one individualized treatment approach. InMotion Health Centre is committed to building lasting relationships with our patients. These relationships are built on trust and respect. Part of how we build trust with our patients is by treating them with the personal care they deserve across all services. 

With a team that is truly passionate about what we do, we work to get you back to yourself. We strive to give you as many opportunities as possible to start enjoying the activities you love again in an appropriate time frame. We want to give back to our Newfoundland community, and we do that by providing our commitment to your recovery.


Our team of certified Physiotherapists provide one-on-one care to reduce or eliminate the pain caused by your injury. We can help you improve your overall function, mobility and more.

Chiropractic Therapy

Our Chiropractors can provide hands-on manipulation to align the body’s musculoskeletal structure – mainly focused on the spine. If you suffer from neck pain, upper & lower back pain, or have regular headaches our chiropractors at InMotion can help.


The Psychologist at InMotion, will work with you on a one-on-one basis and help you overcome difficult obstacles and challenges you may experience. Our goal is to help you create a life that is rich and meaningful. To book an appointment for psychology, please call 745-5945 during regular business hours.

Occupational Therapy

InMotion’s Occupational Therapists will take time to listen, observe, and examine your movement in order to identify and understand your injury. They offer a wide range of services including: functional assessments, rehabilitation, ergonomics, pre-employment screenings, concussion management and much more.

Shockwave Therapy

InMotion’s physiotherapy clinic offers Shockwave Therapy that leads to faster and more efficient long-term healing with regeneration of the injured soft tissue, bone, heel and joint pain.  There are no side effects of shockwave therapy and it is a non-surgical treatment.

Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapists provide an effective, natural hands-on approach that will provide relief from your pain and injury. Massage therapy can help reduce stress, improve posture, enhanced mood and relieve your aches and pains.

Custom Orthotics

InMotion’s chiropractor can create the perfect orthotic through the use a digital imaging system. We can create the perfect orthotic for a variety of different lifestyles including active, industrial, dress shoe and more.


Our registered dietitian at InMotion has experience working with individuals in both clinical and community settings have instilled a passion for helping others reach their health and nutrition goals. Our register dietitian provides a wide variety of services including weight management, digestive health services, sports nutrition and rehabilitation.

Here at InMotion, we book our clients using our appointment-based system. This allows us to have a minimal wait time for convince of our clients. To book an appointment call us at 709-747-5945. 

We respect each one of our clients and treat them with the personal care they deserve. Our friendly administrative team will make your appointments and billing seamless and both of our modern locations will provide everything you need to get better and back to doing the things you love.

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