Rebecca Labour

Registered Massage Therapist


Rebecca is a registered massage therapist with experience in treating a wide variety of conditions and injuries. Rebecca is dedicated in helping her clients reach their wellness goals and revolves her treatments around the needs of each individual client to ensure they have the best possible care.

We Are A Collaborative Wellness Centre.


  • Her treatments focus on, but are not limited to: 

    • Deep tissue therapeutic massage
    • Cupping 
    • GuaSha
    • Decreasing trigger points & muscle hypertension
    • Motor vehicle accidents 
    • TMJ dysfunction 
    • Pregnancy massage
    • Work related injuries/issues
    • Pain management 
    • Improving mobility
    • Reducing anxiety/stress 

    — Cupping and GuaSha are techniques used to remove scar tissue and adhesions, reduce inflammation and edema, decrease muscle hypertension and trigger points, improve mobility and promotes relaxation and stress relief.