Sarah Dawe

Occupational Therapist


Sarah was born in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and graduated from Memorial University in 2019 with a co-operative degree in Kinesiology. After many years of participating in a variety of sports, Sarah chose to focus on volleyball at an elite level. Sarah was a member of the women’s varsity volleyball team at Memorial University during her undergraduate degree and then went on to play for the Dalhousie University women’s volleyball team while completing the Masters of Science (Occupational Therapy) degree and Disability Management Certificate program. Sarah continues to play an active role in the volleyball community in Newfoundland through coaching various provincial and school teams, refereeing and playing in the local women’s league. As well, a love of music and musical theater began from a young age and continues to this day. 

Sarah has passion for helping others overcome mental and physical barriers that prevent them from participating in meaningful activity. Her extensive background in high-level sport has allowed her to learn the value of teamwork, commitment, and problem solving, all of which she is able to bring to her profession. She believes a collaborative approach in recovery can empower her clients and optimize their rehabilitation journey.  Her main focus as an Occupational Therapist is to assist clients with their return to work goals by providing education and strategies to help them overcome any barriers they encounter. 

We Are A Collaborative Wellness Centre.