Daniel Henderson

Occupational Therapist
747-5945 ext 207


With a passion for health, movement, and helping others, Daniel is dedicated to optimizing your function. Daniel lives an active lifestyle, and enjoys playing soccer, hiking, and skiing.  He also has a strong interest in music and art. He completed his undergrad in kinesiology developing a fascination for the human body. A creative mind and strong desire to help others lead him to the field of Occupational Therapy.

Daniel is equipped with the skills to help navigate and overcome the physical and mental barriers keeping you from doing the things you enjoy most. Whether it be difficulties with performing self care, or having trouble meeting occupational demands, Daniel will provide the specific tools or skills to help meet your needs. In addition to this, he uses a collaborative approach to educate and empower clients to help guide them through the rehabilitation process.

We Are A Collaborative Wellness Centre.

  • Certified Progressive Goal Attainment Program® provider
  • Certified to perform Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations, trained through Matheson Education and Training solutions
  • Certified in Mental Health first aid under the Mental Health Commission of Canada

Concussion Rehab Work Inc.

  • Level 1 Concussion Management
  • OT based Self-management strategies to enhance function post concussion