Jada Piercey

Registered Massage Therapist


Jada Piercey is a graduate of Academy Canada. Jada has a passion for helping clients achieve their goals and improving their health and well-being. Using her knowledge of the body and conditions that arise, she creates a plan specific to her clients needs. Jada is proficient in, but not limited to, treating neurological impairments, strain/sprain, pregnancy, and overall stress. 

We Are A Collaborative Wellness Centre.


  • Treatment approach: Therapeutic
  • Pressure: Light to Deep
  • Techniques: General Swedish Massage, Fascial Release, Tripper Point Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Hydrotherapy, Remedial Exercise, and Joint Mobilization. 
  • Special focus: Providing her clients with safe, effective treatments and home care to help achieve their goals.