Gabrielle Thompson

Occupational Therapist


Gabrielle has always had a desire to assist people with optimizing function and achieving their activity goals. Assisting clients with navigating their injuries or illnesses and helping them participate in meaningful activities despite the same is a rewarding part of her career.

Living an active lifestyle while often spending time outdoors with her husband and daughter, she loves completing activities such as going on bike rides, kayaking, snow shoeing, and swimming. Quality time with family is important and her greatest joy is watching her daughter experience the world around her. 

Her main focus as a Occupational Therapist is mental health files, anxiety and depression, and assisting clients with their return to work goals by providing education on healthy coping strategies and increasing activity participation as a guide to rehabilitation 

Gabrielle often completes cognitive assessments and rehabilitation and assists with providing clients with strategies to optimize their performance in the workplace. 

We Are A Collaborative Wellness Centre.

  • Mental Health, Cognition, and Return to Work: The Critical role of Occupational Therapists in Facilitating Successful Outcomes                
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Level 1 for Occupational                                      
  • The Cognitive Rehabilitation for Practicing Clinicians Course                                    
  • The Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification                                     
  • Concussion Management Workshop                                  
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy                                     
  • Brain FX                                    
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Program